May 2016 Outdoor Fitness Park Update

 The Outdoor Fitness Park Committee has decided upon a company to provide and install fitness equipment.  Please find several links below to the PDF files of the proposed plan, as well as the chosen equipment.

Outdoor Fitness Park Plan

The Fitness Park Plan includes a diagram of the proposed location.  

What will the Fitness Park look like when installed?  Please view here.


Residents are welcome to have a closer look at the pieces of equipment chosen for this Fitness Park.  Criteria for the equipment included having pieces that

would be durable, as well as able to provide for larger muscle groups.  Pieces were chosen that could be utilized for more than one type of exercise.

Wobble Board                          Bench/Dip Station                      Chest Press                         Fitness Rack

Leg Extension                          Lat Pull-Down                            Sit-Up and Back Extension    Push-Up Station

Skill Trainer                            Step-Up Fitness Station                 


What will this new facility cost?  The quote by Park n Play can be found here.  The VRCA plans to use Casino funds and to apply for grants in order to fund this

facility.  Once the the fitness park is in service, the City of Calgary will treat it like a playground and will be responsible for maintenance of the park.  

If there are any issues with the equipment once installation is complete, a call to 3-1-1 will result in City Park staff coming out to service the equipment.

The playground is wheelchair accessible.