The Valley Ridge Skatepark is a temporary park brought in by the VR Community Association and staffed by the City of Calgary Community Mobile Skateparks.  It remains on scene for 2 weeks in the summer.  


Next year's dates for the summer of 2017 are TBD


The park is open for 8hrs/day from 9am-5pm, and then closed off by the City staff workers.  


The skatepark is set up inside the skating rink.  During these two weeks, the interior of the skating rink is off-limits for regular play.


Access to the skatepark is free and open to skateboarders, inline skaters and scooter users of all ages.


All users MUST have an appropriate helmet.  City staff require waivers to be signed on site.


Porto-potties are brought in by the VRCA, and the Skate Change room is opened and available for use during Park opening hours.  There is running water inside the building, although we encourage everyone to bring their own water bottles.

For more detailed information on the skate park please visit the City of Calgary Community Mobile Skateparks webpage.