Skating Rink

Valley Ridge Community Association volunteers operate and maintain 2 main skating areas during the winter.  

The main skating areas are:

Main Skating Rink - used primarily for hockey. Rink is enclosed by boards and a fence.

Pond area and External Loop surrounding the rink - Used for family and pleasure skating.  No shinny or slap shots allowed. Small kids can play with hockey sticks and pucks, but no shooting.  Respect patrons who are pleasure skating.  Work together to get maximum enjoyment for all out of the skating surfaces.

The rink is equipped with a lighting system in the evenings, and remains on until 11pm.  The rink is closed after this time.

IF the lights are OFF in the evening, or the main hockey rink is padlocked shut at any time, the Facilities Team has deemed the ice surface too warm/dangerous to skate on.  We need to protect the concrete surface of our rink from damage by skates, and wish to protect the public from less-than-desirable skating conditions.  Please respect these signs and stay off the ice.  The lights are on a timer.  If they are off, they were manually switched to that mode and the rink is closed.  It is NOT a mistake.


Olympia Ice Resurfacer- RULES

NO ONE can be on the ice when the ice resurfacer (commonly called a Zamboni) is out cleaning the skating surfaces.  Volunteer drivers cannot see skaters/children.  This is also applicable to the oval and external pond, outside of the hockey arena.  The VRCA is not responsible for injuries or death in the event you allow yourself or children to skate in front of the resurfacer's blades.  This is VERY dangerous!  Violators will be asked to leave the ice, and the ice resurfacer will not clean the ice until all persons are clear.