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Landscape Enhancement Appreciation Fund




I, the undersigned, being a Property Owner in the Community of Valley Ridge for address

_______________________________________________________ in the City of Calgary Alberta.

This voting form is to determine your choice for continuing with LEAF (Landscape Enhancement Appreciation Fund), our Community's Beautification Program. The current cost of the program is $61.80/year and is used exclusively for the maintenance and landscape enhancement of our community green spaces (mowing, fertilizing, flowers, shrub bed maintenance, etc).  Program costs can only increase or decrease by a maximum of 3% per year.


Please circle one of the below

YES – this is a vote in favour of continuing the LEAF Program in Valley Ridge Community

NO – this is a vote against continuing the LEAF Program in Valley Ridge Community






Print Name of Property Owner: ____________________________________________

Signature of Property Owner: _____________________________________________________





MAIL or DROP OFF completed proxy form and relevant photocopies to:

Valley Ridge Community Association 

Attn: LEAF Proxy Vote

11732 Valley Ridge Blvd NW

Calgary, Alberta

T3B 5Z9



Proxy Voting Process

In order to validate votes, property owners will be required to include a copy of one of the two City property tax (assessment or actual) mail outs from 2017/18 and a form of picture ID to confirm identity. This picture ID is preferred to have a signature on it (Driver's License). The ID must match the name on both the property assessment and this form, dated and signed by the Property Owner.

This envelope must be sealed.


These votes will be opened and validated by a City Representative at the LEAF Renewal meeting. Once your documentation and form have been authenticated, your Proxy Vote will be counted.

ONE Vote per property is allowed.


**Please ensure a copy of these documents named above are included with this form or this vote will not be counted.**


LEAF- Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Why do we have a LEAF program?

The LEAF program first began when the original developer of Valley Ridge, Barbican, finished their last homes and pulled out of the community.  As the developer had no more homes to sell, they ceased caring for the community shrub beds and public green spaces.  The City of Calgary’s normal budget for community maintenance (collected via Property Taxes) is very small.  The grasses were mowed only 3-4 times per year; the garbage was picked up infrequently from the green garbage bins, and was usually overflowing; the shrub beds were sadly neglected and full of weeds and dead shrubs; the tot lots grasses were home to many thistle plants; there were no flowers.


The Community was surveyed in the Valley Breeze to gauge support for the concept of a levy and beautification program.  The response was overwhelming in support, and over 100 people volunteered their time to canvass and create the original LEAF committee.  That original Committee’s goal was to organize the canvassers and community into sections, in order to achieve a successful petition.  The petition required 67% of the residents to vote in favour, and this was achieved in September of 2007, with the program beginning in the Spring of 2008.


2.       What is the purpose of the LEAF program?

The LEAF program’s purpose is to supplement the $40,000 allotted by the City with an additional $110,000+ of collected levies from the community residents, and to use that money solely for the purpose of maintaining and beautifying the public green spaces of Valley Ridge.


3.       What are the mandates of LEAF?

To ensure proper use of the funds, according to the guidelines set out by the City of Calgary

To provide landscaping to all residents of Valley Ridge, beginning with the common entrance way, and progressing further out in the three directions equally and as the budget permits.

To strive to consider the needs of the majority of the community; not our own wants or the wants of a vocal few.


4.       How much does LEAF cost?

The LEAF program’s cost is on the Title of every property in Valley Ridge, and costs the homeowner of that property $60/yr, or $5/month.  The LEAF committee is entitled to increase this amount by a maximum of 3%/yr.  To date, we have increased the fee one time, which adds an additional $1.80/yr for a 2015 total of $61.80 which is added to the Property Tax bill due on June 30th.  To date, the fee has remained the same.


5.       What does my $60+/year cover?

Mowing of public grasses every two weeks, approximately

Fertilizing of all public grasses

Aerating of all public grasses

Herbicide spraying of public grasses if warranted and approved by the City of Calgary and according to their set standards

Purchasing of flower pots, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and raised planter bed supplies

Watering of grasses, shrubs, trees and flowers

Maintenance of flower beds, shrub beds, tree wells, etc.

Snow removal on publicly maintained sidewalks which fall under City Parks jurisdiction.  (Mostly along the sidewalks adjacent to the soccer fields, but not sidewalks maintained by homeowners according to City By-Laws)


6.       Can I opt out of the LEAF program?

No. While the LEAF Program is in effect, no resident of Valley Ridge can opt out of the program.  In order to be successful, the original levy required 67% of residents to be in favour of the requested levy.  This was successful.


7.       When is the LEAF program up for renewal?

LEAF was renewed in April of 2013 for 5 additional years by a vote of Valley Ridge Residents.  The voting process required residents to attend the meeting in order for their vote to be eligible.  The residents in attendance voted in favour of LEAF 100% to 0%.  The next LEAF renewal vote is scheduled for April 18th, 2018. 

8.       What is NOT covered under the LEAF Program?

LEAF is operated under the Parks department of the City of Calgary.  Our control and budget can only be applied to the operations controlled by the City Parks department.  If other concerns arise, please call 3-1-1 to report the issue.  Examples of items NOT under the control or mandate of LEAF include, but are not limited to:


Trees- Tree maintenance and removal and replacement of dead trees are under the authority of the Urban Forestry department.  Please call 3-1-1 to report concerns

Fences- The VRCA Fence Committee was created to look into fencing issues.  With the exception of fences surrounding soccer fields, all fences in Valley Ridge are privately owned, and must be maintained by the homeowner/property owner.

Lampposts- Please call 3-1-1 to report concerns

Mailboxes- Please call 3-1-1 or Canada Post to report concerns

Community Centre or Schools- The VRCA and VRCES looked into the possibility of fundraising and/or advocating for these buildings, and has found this to be an impossibility at this time.  Please send concerns to the VRCA directly.

Garbage Bins- Please call 3-1-1 to report concerns

Garbage dumpsters at the Plazebo- Please contact 3-1-1

Developer signs, advertising signs, real estate signs- Signage requirements are listed under the City Bylaw Department.  Please phone 3-1-1 with your concerns and a bylaw officer will be sent to the area to ensure proper usage.

Campers, personal garbage bins, boats, etc- Personal items cluttering driveways and roadways are listed under the City Bylaw Department.  Please phone 3-1-1 with your concerns and a bylaw officer will be sent to the area to ensure proper usage.

Snow removal along sidewalks which are not adjacent to soccer fields.



9.       Is LEAF run by paid staff?

No.  The LEAF Committee currently consists of volunteer residents from Valley Ridge.


10.   What is the relationship between LEAF and the Valley Ridge Community Association (VRCA)?

The LEAF program is sustained by money received by the Special Tax Levy via property taxes, and does not receive money from the VRCA directly.  

However, our landscape providers require payment.  The LEAF Committee determines the best possible landscape provider and contracts the work.  This is done with oversight and approval of the VRCA Board, to ensure that the selected contractor is offering the best service for the best price.  The landscape provider provides LEAF with invoices to be approved.  The City collects our levy amount and distributes it monthly to the VRCA once LEAF submits monthly approved invoices to the City.  The VRCA treasurer is responsible for payment of approved invoices to the landscaper.  

As there is money travelling between the City and the LEAF Committee, it is in the Community's best interest to have that money go through the VRCA account, and be overseen by both the Treasurer and the Executive Committee of the VRCA.  This will enable our money to be audited properly at the end of each fiscal year, and will take the substantial worry of independently managing Community finances off the LEAF Committee.


11.   When do I find out what my Special Tax Levy amount will be?

The City of Calgary mails out a letter each November to all property owners in Valley Ridge.  This letter will detail the amount of the levy, and the fact it will be added to your property tax the following June.  The levy has been increased only once since inception, and is only done when inflation affects LEAF’s ability to fund services.  The levy can ONLY be increased by a maximum of 3% per year.



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LEAF Committee News


** The LEAF RENEWAL is coming due.  The next vote to determine the continuation of the program will be held on Wed, April 18th, 2018 at the Valley Ridge Golf Course.  Estimated start time of 9pm.  The LEAF vote will be held after the conclusion of the VRCA AGM, so as to keep a zero cost for the LEAF program.  Many thanks to the VRCA for allowing LEAF to use the facility without charge.

PLEASE ensure that you bring your property tax slip from the City with you, showing the registered home owner(s) name and address, along with your driver's license.  Only the registered home owner will be permitted to vote for the LEAF renewal. ***

 Not going to be in Calgary on April 18th?  We offer a "Proxy Vote" so that all residents can make their vote count.  Please click "LEAF PROXY VOTE" to the right of this page, under "Leaf Articles".



The LEAF Committee will post articles to the right of the page regarding LEAF details.  

The LEAF (Landscape Enhancement and Appreciation Fund) Committee is in charge of the Community's Beautification Program.  Updates are available during the Spring, Summer and Fall months in the Valley Breeze newsletter.  In November, residents will receive via mail a notice of a Special Tax Levy (the Beautification Levy) from the City of Calgary, which is applied to all properties in Valley Ridge and is collected via Property Taxes.

The current charge for the LEAF program is $61.80/year.