PARENTS- Soccer Registration Information





U4 (under 4)


5:15 pm – 6:00 pm


U5 (under 5)

M and W

6:15 pm - 7:00 pm*


U6 (under 6)

M and W

6:15 pm – 7:00 pm*


U8 (under 8)

T and Th

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


U10 (under 10)

T and Th

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


The above fees do NOT include the mandatory VRCA membership, which is $35/household.  This membership can be purchased when registering for soccer, and will only be charged ONCE per family.  VRCA membership provides the required insurance coverage for your players.

The 2018 Soccer Season begins Monday, April 23rd and ends Thursday, June 21st.

NOTES:  U4-U10 VR Mixed House League Registration- regular registration ongoing until March 31, 2018.  Late Registration open until April 15th if space is available.

Valley Ridge Soccer Families: New Users will need to create a profile that will be stored for future seasons.  

Calgary West Soccer Club Information:
For Valley Ridge families interested in registering in the Calgary West Soccer Club Intercommunity House League program (U8 and above), the registration for the 2016 Outdoor Season will begin on February 1 and end on March 1. For more information about the Intercommunity Soccer Program, please click 
here. Calgary West Soccer Club requires a Valley Ridge Community Association Membership be purchased. You may do this online at:  Please click on, and then hover over, the Membership Tab. Please do not use the Sports tab, as you do not want to purchase a VRCA soccer program.

If you have any questions before, during or after your registration session, please email us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Online transactions with this system are 128-bit encrypted, which is the same security level as online banking.


VRCA Soccer Information:

Valley Ridge Community Association membership ($35) is required and will be charged at time of registration, if it has not already been purchased.  You MAY purchase your VRCA membership prior to registering for soccer.  You may NOT play soccer without a current VRCA membership, as your child requires the insurance coverage to play.

There are a variety of volunteer positions in need of being filled: Chair.

Each team needs two coaches, a team manager, and a jersey manager.  

Other options include: Bottle Drive (Saturday, May 5th) Community and Field Clean Up (May 5th), and Community BBQ/activity day (June 23rd; rain date September 8th). But we are usually very short on coaches and team managers. This may result in some teams being formed without any coaches or team managers.

General volunteers should expect to provide three hours of volunteer time as a minimum requirement (regardless of event cancellation).   All volunteer positions are available for first-come sign up during registration.  There is a volunteer buyout option of $100.  This fee goes back into the soccer program and helps keep fees low.

Reminder: Parents are expected to help the coaches on the fields with nets and flags. Some of our teams do not have a full coaching staff and could especially use your help!

Reminder #2:  All parents are required to remain on field when their children play.  Our coaches do not have volunteer security clearances, so for liability reasons, a parent or guardian must remain on site.  If you are not on site, your child may NOT play.

IN-PERSON REGISTRATION – Cancelled.  Online registrations only, please.  You may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require an in-person registration.  Manual Forms and Waivers are available under the "Sports Articles" column to the right of this screen. 


Uniforms will be retained by the VRCA.  Jerseys will be provided to the children and coaches at the beginning of each practice, and the Jersey Coordinator for each team will be responsible for collecting them at the end of each evening.  If you have old uniforms that you have not recycled, you may bring them to your soccer practice and they will be reused.  This new practice will allow us to reduce our waste; both in the landfill, and in costs.  Uniform costs have risen dramatically, and those dollars can be better spent on enhancing the soccer and community programs provided by the VRCA.


We are implementing a field rotation for the upcoming season to give our newly treated fields a chance to recover. The fields used by the U4s thru the U8s have been over used and are in need of a bit of a reprieve. It may mean a tight squeeze or a different play time for U5 and U6 teams. We may need to have a field rotation in place for the foreseeable future and we may need to do regular field maintenance on the school fields (where the majority of our teams play). Field diagrams will be emailed and posted well in advance so families can familiarize themselves with this change.




Parent Volunteers

 a)      The Valley Ridge Soccer Club requires parent volunteer participation in support of the program and the community of Valley Ridge.

 b)      Parents can volunteer in many capacities including at the executive committee level, coaching or team manager.  The Community of Valley Ridge also runs a number of events which require a high level of volunteer effort and participation. 

 c)       A minimum of three hours of effort is required to fulfill the volunteer effort. Volunteer effort is not waived due to weather and date changes with respect to the volunteer commitment.  If an effort is not fulfilled during the soccer season, the volunteer cheque will be cashed regardless.  This policy is in keeping with other social, recreational and sporting activities that require volunteer effort.

 d)      Parents may buy out their volunteer effort with a financial contribution of $100 to the soccer program.  This fee is current for the 2018 Soccer Season and may change from season to season as per vote by the Valley Ridge Soccer Club.  All funds collected in this manner are utilized to help keep soccer fees low and the program accessible.

 e)      Non-parents may volunteer by contacting the Soccer Executive and filling out an application form.  Non-parents (including teens and adults) will be screened prior to being accepted into a coaching position.

Buddy Placement Guidelines

a)    Buddy placement is a privilege within the Valley Ridge Soccer Program

b)    Buddy placement is facilitated by the co-operation of parents who volunteer together as coaches and or team managers on the same team (for a maximum of 4 buddies). 

c)    Buddy placement is facilitated on behalf of the Valley Ridge Soccer Committee in recognition of their extra time and effort to the program.

d)    Buddy placement may not always be facilitated should the gender balance or age balance of the team be compromised by the placement.

e)    Buddy placement will not be facilitated in any other case.  Requests to the Chair and Registrar will require volunteer commitment at the coach/team manager or committee level.

Fees & Costs

Fees associated with soccer are related to hard costs associated with running the program. Last season we were break even when the bottle drive revenue was included. Costs for soccer include field rentals, field marking, replacement uniforms, photos, medals, coach development and appreciation, equipment (including nets, balls, whistles, and cones), web hosting/online payment service, port-o-potty rental, and a contribution to the community BBQ. Once committed to a certain number of fields and nights of play, we sign a contract with the City and the cost of field rentals is non-refundable, regardless of whether we play or not. We based this year's fee schedule on last year's costs, and hope that we will break even. Given that we do not know how many children will register, or in what division, we have to make our best guess. 
These costs are non-refundable and fixed, though we do try to minimize or reduce the costs and look for lower cost alternatives from year to year.




Refunds will be given prior to February 28th, 2018 subject to a $25 administration fee. REFUNDS will be given after February 28th, 2018 subject to a $50 administration fee. REFUNDS will not be given after April 16th, 2018. Late registrations (April 1 thru April 15) will only be accepted if there is room on a team roster, and will be subject to a $10 administration fee and space availability.  VRCA membership fees are not refunded when soccer registration is cancelled as community membership fees enhance community spirit and go beyond the soccer program.


Weather Cancellations

At times cancellations are necessary, as the weather does change quickly in Calgary. While a team can decide to cancel prior to game time, we highly recommend that this decision be made at the field, just in case the weather turns around. Also, for U4 teams, please note that Wednesday evenings are available from 5:15pm to 6:00 p.m. and can be used to make up missed Monday field time. Since the U4 division only plays one night a week, the weather-related cancellations have a greater impact. Regardless of cancellations, refunds are not possible due to the fixed cost nature of our program.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT play or practice if there is lightening! Mini soccer teams should not play/practice in extremely cold or wet weather, or if the fields have pooled water or snow. Calgary Minor Soccer teams may have to play in any type of weather due to the complications of trying to reschedule a game. Always confirm with the opposing Coach before making a decision. Inform the parents that all games/practices are on unless they hear from the team manager.