VRCA Memberships

Support your community and buy your annual VRCA membership today! Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.

To purchase, clink on the link below which will take you to our online system. You can also fill out a paper copy of our membership form found in the Breeze and submit it, along with your payment, to the address included on the form.


The benefits of Community Association membership include:

  •  Networking with your neighbours
  •  A greater sense of belonging to your community
  •  Access to community social events and activities
  •  Recreation programs and activities
  •  A voice and a vote on community issues, programs and services
  •  Input for planning your parks, green spaces and urban development


So, what does the VRCA do for you?

Community associations like the VRCA are neighbourhood-based volunteer organizations providing a voice for community life, an overall sense of belonging, and social, educational and recreational opportunities for their residents. You may have seen or attended some of our activities such as:

  • Open Houses on Major Projects impacting the neighbourhood
  • Community Skate Day
  • Community Garage Sale
  • Community Clean Up
  • Soccer
  • Skating Rink
  • Community BBQ
  • Community Garden
  • Music-In-The-Park
  • And much more!




Whatever your reason for moving to Valley Ridge, we all have a vested interest in maintaining a high quality of life and wish to see our community continue to improve.

Community Associations come in all shapes and sizes and are dedicated to addressing local issues, opportunities and needs. About 100 of them operate community halls and related facilities throughout the city. A voluntary community association membership is a great way to support your local community!

Collectively, the community association network is the largest collective volunteer movement in Calgary with more than 20,000 volunteers strong! Valley Ridge has hundreds of dedicated volunteers, selflessly contributing time and energy for the benefit of all. The rink maintenance and soccer program alone require approximately 150 volunteers.

Your Valley Ridge Community Association executive is made up of volunteers who, together with other community volunteers, are investing their time and energy in making this community a better place to live. The Community Associations acts as a liaison for the community and individual members with the golf course, our Councillor Ward Sutherland our Calgary Police Liaison Officer, the municipal government and the Province.

We think that there is a lot that your membership helps pay for, but we could do more. Should every household in Valley Ridge purchase a membership, the Community Association could enhance and produce more facilities and programs for all. We think that this is truly possible and hope that residents will show their support of this great community by purchasing their annual membership.

Please contact the VRCA Membership Director if you have any other questions or comments email: [email protected] .